Industry leading risk management


The VenomWorks risk management framework is a unique, innovative and integrated approach to venomous animal risk management for the modern organisation. It leverages specialist knowledge and experience, risk assessment, training and skills development, regular audits and monitoring.

Up to now, venomous animal awareness training from service providers has suffered from the following:

  • Lack of safety standards.
  • Unstructured approach.
  • A “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude.
  • Not aligned to organisational policies and procedures.
  • Poor training materials.
  • Not all venomous creatures were covered.

The VenomWorks risk solution is aimed at addressing all of these shortfalls in one holistic approach.

Awareness & First Aid

Removal & Relocation

An All-In-One Risk Solution

VenomWorks is the only service provider that provides risk management for all venomous animals found at your site.


Presented by specialists in their field who are serious about safety.

VenomWorks provides an industry-leading risk solution through the following


Industry Leading Training Material


Health And Safety Focus


Innovative Use Of Technology

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